ONWork Desktop is the final IT solution allowing you to forget about servers, big investments and equipment amortization. The Cloud Desktop gives you access to your virtual desktop wherever you are, always safe and technical support dedicated to you. We will take care of your software licenses, backup and everything related to the IT so you can take care of your business.

We would like to introduce you to the IT tailor made system, everything you need only for a tax deductible monthly fee.

  • Forget about servers, equipment, IT staff and viruses.
  • Monthly fee flexible depending the number of users.
  • Work everywhere, all your data at the reach of your fingertips.
  • Allow your company to be as agile as you are.

Who is this for?

Virtual desktops within the cloud is useful in all industries, no matter company size, software, CRM or user number, we create completely personalized IT infrastructures based on our client’s needs. Every bit counts!
Our final solution allows you to diminish cost, and make them flexible to your needs, forget headaches and focus all your energy developing your business, we will take care of your IT.


Turn on your computer, log in with your user… And that’s it, your desktop ready with your apps, documents and programs. As easy as it gets. Expand the useful life of your computers, resources are now up in the cloud.


Our technology is based on remote Terminal Server desktops on a virtualized platform. This allows you to achieve a highly scalable infrastructure, flexible and customizable, you will use what your company really needs. The latest software updates, Windows, Office and any other management program. Worry-free, maximum security and constant backups, with the support of a technical team always ready and highly qualified


We know what worries you the most, Security, and our top priority is giving you the reasons to live a calm life, that’s why we made our infrastructure a bank vault with the highest security standards.

  • Maximum security measures on our CPD: monitorized environment and security 24x7x365.
  • Redundancy is our lifestyle.
  • Standardized infrastructure with PCI SSC compliance, ISO/IEC 27001 norms and certified security level SOC1 y SOC2 type II (SSAE16 and ISAE 3402)
  • Our redundant anti-DDoS firewalls analyze and mitigate any attack to our servers.
  • We are Microsoft and Citrix Partners, which allow us to access to the safest gateways on the market.

Trust, connect with ONWork and take IT to the cloud.